Administrative Offices

Administrative Office functions include human resources, budget analysis, capital project procurement, operational management, resident service and support, and community relations and public information. 

Located at Brownsburg Town Hall at 61 N. Green St., the administrative team works closely with every town department to maximize efficiencies on a town-wide scale.

About the Town Manager

Deb Cook was appointed Town Manager in January 2022. She joined the Town of Brownsburg in 2020 as the Economic Development Director with over 20 years of experience in government administration, economic development, public relations, strategic planning, and grant writing. 


The Town of Brownsburg operates under a Town Council-Manager form of government. The Town Council hires the Town Manager to manage the daily affairs and operations and serve as the Chief Executive Officer. The Town Manager ensures that town services are performed per Town Council policies and within the capability of the Town's resources. 

The Town Manager oversees several departments within the Town of Brownsburg, which all work to keep the Town running smoothly and help carry out the policies of the Town Council.

Town of Brownsburg 2022 Strategic Plan (PDF) 

This strategic roadmap is grounded in a new progressive, forward -thinking methodology. One that analyzes economic factors against industry drivers, challenges and opportunities. Through illumination of both perspectives, we can leverage our strengths, capitalize on opportunities, and minimize headwinds on municipal governments. 

Based on comprehensive analysis and internal collaboration from staff and the Town Council, our 2022 Strategic Plan maps a new future – one that strengthens our competitive position through infusion of investment. Investment in our people, our neighborhoods, our partners, and the customer segments we are proud to serve.