Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides services to the public as well as to the rest of the department while helping meet goals and objectives established by the Chief and other administrators. Administrative Services encompasses several aspects of the Brownsburg Police Department including, but not limited to:

The Brownsburg Police Department is open to the public Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm (Wednesdays 4 to 7 pm) except on federal holidays.


Citizens may obtain fingerprints from the Brownsburg Police Department for various reasons such as an application, adoption or employment. Finger prints needed for a gun permit can be obtained through IdentoGo. To schedule an appointment visit their website . To apply for a gun permit or check the status of your application visit the Indiana State Police website 

Alarm Permits

By Town Ordinance, citizens are required to obtain an alarm permit for private security alarms installed in their home or business. Permits are obtained from and fees are paid to the Brownsburg Police Department. Citizens or business owners wishing to make an application for an alarm permit can do so during regular business hours. Once the application is complete and the fee is paid, a permit number sticker is issued to be prominently displayed on a window or door of the home or business. Renewal reminders and requests for payment are mailed by the Brownsburg Police Department.


All Administrative Services staff are notary publics. This service is provided for a nominal fee during regular business hours.

Criminal Histories

Citizens can obtain a limited local criminal history on themselves from the Brownsburg Police Department. Those who require county-wide criminal histories must make an inquiry at the Hendricks County Sheriff's Department; those who require state-wide criminal histories must make an inquiry with the Indiana State Police. The Brownsburg Police Department will not release information generated by other law enforcement agencies. Requests for this information must be made in person and you must provide photo identification.

Fee Schedule

ServicesLocal FeeState Fee
Accident Report$5N/A
Alarm Permit - Business (Paid Annually)

Alarm Permit - Residential (Paid Every Two Years)

Fingerprinting (1st set free Brownsburg resident prior to the fee for additional sets)


Gun Permit - 5 Year Personal Protection



Gun Permit - Lifetime Personal Protection No Current License



Gun Permit - Lifetime Personal Protection Possesses Current License



Incident or Arrest Report - Original Report



Local Criminal History






Fees paid to the Brownsburg Police Department in cash must be the exact amount. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) are accepted. Personal checks are NOT accepted. Fees due to the State of Indiana are not accepted at this location.