Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Vehicles Parked by a Pond

The Brownsburg Emergency Response Team (ERT) was developed in response to the increased need for a specialized team with additional tactical training to Emergency Response Team Trainingreact to situations that evolve into critical incidents. ERT members are trained in deploying special weapons and tactics in response to high-risk situations involving threats to human life. Officers perform as a highly trained, practiced, and skilled team. ERT is not a full-time unit; it is considered a supplemental specialized function. It is called upon as needed by members of the enforcement division and other law enforcement agencies in Hendricks County.

Critical Incidents

Some situations deemed as critical incidents possibly involving the deployment of ERT include, but are not limited to:

  • Armed Suicidal Person
  • Barricaded Person
  • Crisis Situation
  • High-Risk Warrant Service
  • Hostage Situation
  • Negotiated Surrender

Selection Process

ERT members are carefully selected and undergo rigorous testing and training. They are equipped with specialized equipment, weapons, and uniforms. Each member takes his/her commitment to the team very seriously and voluntarily accepts the increased risk to act as a resource during times of crisis.