June 20, 2013

Zone Improvement Plan 2013-2022

In 1991, the Indiana General Assembly passed an impact fee bill that created an alternative funding mechanism for infrastructure
improvements in fast growing areas. The essence of the legislation was to allow local governments the option of passing onto new residents the cost of building the new infrastructure demanded by those same new residents.

This Infrastructure Improvement Plan for Parks and Recreation Facilities (Recreation Impact Fee Study) for the Town of Brownsburg started several months ago, following the process as outlined by the 1991 Indiana Code. A Recreation Impact Fee Advisory Committee was established and worked with the Consultant in updating the current recreation component inventory along with the related standards. Population projections were arrived at, related residential building permits were forecasted, both current and future recreation component deficiencies were calculated, and costs for these infrastructure deficiency improvements were established for both current (2013) and future (2022) needs. The impact fee was then determined by dividing the estimated costs of the 10-year deficiencies by the number of projected new residential building permits during that same period.

The Recreation Impact Fee is collected prior to the issuance of each residential building permit, and the first fee will occur six (6) months after the final approval by the Town Council of the Impact Fee ordinance. The fees are then placed in an interest bearing account, and related expenses for improvements are then paid from that account. Since impact fees cannot be used to fund current deficiencies, those improvements will need to come from other resources of the Town. Recreation Impact Fees can only be used for the costs of the projected 10- year deficiencies determined by future populations.

An impact fee may not be collected for more than five years without a review and update of the Infrastructure Plan and adoption of the fee by Town Council. Attached is a new Infrastructure Improvement Plan. The Parks and Recreation Staff prepared the plan with assistance from Lehman & Lehman, Inc. After preparation, the plan was submitted to Brad Faris, P.E. and Consultant to the Town of Brownsburg, Indiana, for final review and comment.

The plan establishes new park and recreation standards for Brownsburg and recommends a Recreation Impact Fee that would be necessary in order to achieve the Town of Brownsburg’s Park and Recreation standards with the forecasted growth.

After careful analysis, the Brownsburg Park Infrastructure Advisory Committee and the Park Administrative Staff feels that the recommended Recreation Impact Fee of $998.00 is a responsible fee for the recommended standards. The Brownsburg Park Infrastructure Advisory Committee recommends acceptance of the fee by the Brownsburg Parks and Recreation Board and Plan Commission before being placed before the Brownsburg Town Council for final adoption.

Adoption of these parks and recreation standards will ensure the continued delivery of quality Parks and Recreation services for all of the Citizens of Brownsburg.

Phil Parnin, Director
Brownsburg Parks and Recreation


View the full document here: Zone Improvement Plan