July 26, 2018

What’s the Status of a Community Center in Brownsburg?

For the past several years, Brownsburg Parks has worked to lay the foundation for the creation of a multigenerational community center.  Whenever our team is out in the parks speaking with park users, we can tell the community is excited about this project and the many social, physical and economic benefits it can bring to Brownsburg.

It is our goal to continue to engage community members throughout this process to ensure we create a gathering place that strengthens the quality of life within our Town.

The following outlines the work that has been completed to move the proposed community center off the drawing board and onto park property:

2012:    Parks distributed, at random, a needs assessment survey that was completed by hundreds of Brownsburg households. The survey results identified the indoor and outdoor recreation needs residents most wanted to see met and helped steer the priorities for Brownsburg Parks’ 2014-2018 Strategic Master Plan.

2014:    Using the data gathered through  the needs assessment survey, the Park Board and Parks’ staff determined the next step would be a feasibility study to explore the possibility of a multigenerational community center that met many of the Town’s indoor recreation needs. This study included drawings of how the site could look once built. It also outlined many of the programs and services that could be offered in the facility

2016:    The Park Board, Town Council and staff advertised a Request for Proposal to potential health and wellness partners. The idea behind this partnership was to not only strengthen the services offered within the mixed-use development adjacent to Arbuckle Acres Park, including the multi-generational community center, but also to help offset a portion of the capital expenses.

2017:    The Town Council and Park Board signed a letter of intent to enter into negotiations with IU Health West.

Also in 2017, a second needs assessment survey, using similar questions as in 2012, was distributed and answered by 579 households. The results were similar to the results of the 2012 survey. Residents’ feeling about the indoor recreation activities they wanted to see in their community center didn’t change much.

2018:    Town of Brownsburg and Brownsburg Parks staffs have held meetings with IU Health West leadership to negotiate the terms of the partnership including a capital contribution as well as shared use space within the proposed facility.

In the next few weeks Parks will propose  to the Park Board and Town Council that we provide public input opportunities throughout a  six-month pre-design process that will help lead this project into full design next year..

It is important to Brownsburg Parks that the multigenerational community center is done right the first time with community input and support at the forefront. Creating this valuable asset for the Town will require funding from many sources, which will be identified and detailed throughout the pre-design process. Finding the right combination that fits this community’s needs and that is fiscally responsible takes time and Brownsburg Parks is committed to working toward the solution that best fits the Town of Brownsburg’s park system.

The community can view all of the documents referred to in this post on www.brownsburgparks.com > Useful Links