Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for your Brownsburg Parks! Volunteering offers an opportunity for physical and social activity and a sense of purpose. Plus, by helping Brownsburg Parks, you are enhancing the quality of life for all Brownsburg residents. Thank you for helping to strengthen our community!


Benefits of Volunteering with Brownsburg Parks

  • You play a role in advancing your community by helping in areas of need.
  • You help Brownsburg Parks to provide the community with a variety of programs and events throughout the year.
  • You have direct access to Brownsburg Parks to provide input on the services that you would like to see offered or feedback on programs that are currently being offered.
  • You help to create community pride toward the park system.

How to Get Started

First, determine your level of involvement. Do you want to volunteer for a few hours or do you wish to be involved in a program over an extended period of time? Brownsburg Park has one-time, ongoing and special event opportunities.

Below are highlights of our most common volunteer opportunities. Our programs are ever-evolving, so please visit our website or contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Shelby Abner, at sabner@brownsburgparks.com for a full list of volunteer opportunities and job descriptions.


Program Instructors– Share your skills and interests by leading a one-time or ongoing program for youth and/or adults.

B.A.S.E./PEAK Assistant – Enjoy working with children? Assist at one of our B.A.S.E. or PEAK sites by helping with homework, playing games or reading to the students!


Gardening– Assist with gardening opportunities at our Administrative Office or parks. Opportunities range from one-time events to ongoing opportunities.

Trail Maintenance- Help clean up the trails by picking up limbs and trash. Can be one-time event or ongoing.

Carpentry – Build picnic tables or bat houses or paint shelters and amenities! Available by park needs.

Special Events

If you are looking for a short-term or one-time opportunity, check out one of our many special events throughout the year, such as the Father-Daughter Dance, Easter Egg Hunt and more. Opportunities vary by event.


Upcoming Opportunities

Cardinal Bark Park Grand Opening- May 16

  • Event set-up, Vendor Assistance: 10 am-12 pm
  • Traffic Regulator, Crowd Control, Dog Activities: 11 am-1 pm
  • Traffic Regulator, Crowd Control, Dog Activities, Event Tear-down: 12 am-2 pm


Summer Concert Series- June 6, June 18, July 9 and/or August 8 (Arbuckle Acres Park)

  • Event set-up, Brownsburg Parks Booth: 6-9 pm


Summer Fun Run- June 10 (Arbuckle Acres Park), July 1 (Williams Park) and/or August 26 (Cardinal Park)

  • Event set-up, Brownsburg Parks Booth: 3-7:30 pm


Bikin’ in the ‘Burbs- June 13 (Cardinal Park, B&O Trail)

  • Event set-up, Brownsburg Parks Booth: 8:30 -11:30 am


Party in the Park- July 25 (Williams Park)

  • Event set-up, Brownsburg Parks Booth: 9:30 am -12:30 pm


Trail & Treat- October 24 (Williams Park)

  • Event set-up, Vendor assistance: 3:30-5:30 pm
  • Traffic regulator, Crowd control, Brownsburg Parks Booth: 4-7 pm

Volunteer Application Process

1. Complete the Volunteer Application below. Most volunteer positions require the completion of a background check form. (Background checks require renewal on an annual basis.)

2. Upon receipt of your volunteer application, we will contact you to discuss available opportunities and your interests.

3. The selection and screening process may include an interview and reference check.

4. Final volunteer placement is dependent upon passing the background check.

5. Every volunteer will be required to attend an orientation (either online or in-person) to go over the volunteer handbook and learn about their job functions.

Please allow up to two weeks for the selection process to be completed.

Our team will work diligently to find you a volunteer opportunity that both meets your level of interest and fulfills our existing needs

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Form

Additional Volunteer Information

Eagle Scout Projects

Thank you for choosing Brownsburg Parks as a potential organization and location to complete your Eagle Scout project.


To be considered, please complete the proposal packet (link below). You may email your packet to Community Engagement Coordinator Shelby Abner at  sabner@brownsburgparks.com or drop it off at our office at 402 E. Main Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112.


Your project must be based around our current park priorities including:

• Trail Marking, Mapping and Identification.
• Nature Trailblazing (new trails)
• Picnic Tables (new/rehab)
• Bat Houses
• Streambank/Riparian Area Restoration
• Natural Resources Management (tree planting, invasive species eradication, erosion control, etc.)
• Blast Off Playground Rehab
• Park Beautification (landscaping)


If your proposal is accepted, you will meet with the Community Engagement team to discuss project expectations, timeline and fundraising expectations. You also will present your project idea to the Brownsburg Park Board for approval. Keep in mind the quality of materials and workmanship must match the desired outcome of Brownsburg Parks’ Strategic Master Plan.

Written project proposal must be submitted to Brownsburg Parks before Scout turns 17.

Eagle Scout Project Proposal

Group Projects

Is your organization looking for a way to give back to the community? We have a wide range of activities perfect for businesses, community organizations and school groups.


If interested in scheduling a group project, please contact Shelby Abner, Community Engagement Coordinator, at sabner@brownsburgparks.com

Volunteer Safety Guidelines

As a volunteer, your safety is our priority. Please review and follow these safety guidelines:


• If asked to perform a task you believe is unsafe, it’s okay to say, “No.”
• Do not use equipment without first being trained on its proper use.
• When operating electric or gas-powered tools, use eye and ear personal protection equipment.
• Carry tools safely!
• If working in a group, let your supervisor/leader know of any health or emergency needs you may have, such as allergic reactions to insect bites or plants.
• Avoid overexertion. Take a rest break when needed and drink plenty of water.
• Use sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect against the sun.
• Wear clothing that is appropriate to the task, such as long sleeves and pants when pulling weeds to avoid thorns or poison ivy. Wear closed-toe shoes, not sandals or flip flops.
• Be careful where you step, as some park properties may have slopes, slippery footing or holes.
• Use proper posture when lifting heavy objects by bending at the knees, not at the waist.
• Do not overfill litter bags.
• Do not pick up hazardous items (animal carcasses, needles, condoms). Report the location of such objects to a Parks employee.


THANK YOU for your volunteer efforts to enhance our parks and trails!