Welcome to Virgil Park!

Virgil Park is a 6.67-acre parcel of land located in the southeast portion of Brownsburg just off of C.R. 300 N. This property will be developed to provide additional parking for B&O Trail users. The concept includes amenities such as a small playground, shelter, and restroom facility.

The majority of the property will feature natural elements that maintain the integrity of the wetlands already on site. Wetlands, consisting of prairie grasses and flowers, will serve the property by helping with stormwater control as well as creating a habitat for certain plants and animal species.

9145 E. County Rd. 300 N.

Park Hours: Park currently in design and not open to the public.

Future Park Amenities:

Trailhead to B&O Trail, including 19 parking spaces

Picnic shelter with restroom facility

Drinking fountain with pet bowl


Exercise Area

.5 mile trail network including boardwalks

Wetlands & prairie

Virgil Park Construction

Construction is expected to begin in spring 2024

Park Rules

Park & Trail Safety


  • Trails are Open Dawn to Dusk. Don’t be caught in the dark – carry a flashlight with you.
  • Use the Buddy System. If you choose to be out alone, be sure someone knows where you will be at what times. Children under 11 should not use the trails without adult supervision and teens should always have a buddy.
  • Be Sure Your Cellphone Location Feature is on Location services will make it easier for emergency personnel to find you if there is an accident.
  • Wear Proper Safety Equipment. Be sure you are visible with bright clothing, lights and reflectors. Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.
  • Lock Your Parked Car and Keep Valuables Out of Sight.
  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
  • No Motorized Vehicles Are Allowed on the Trail. Only motorized wheelchairs, maintenance and rescue
    vehicles are permitted on trails. Report all others to 911.
  • Keep Right and Yield the Right of Way. Stay on the right side of the trail. Skaters, joggers and bicyclists yield to pedestrians; all users yield to horses.
  • Be Aware of Your Speed. The B&O Trail speed limit is 12 mph.
  • Stay On the Trail. Do not disturb the trail’s surrounding vegetation to protect
    the trees, plants and wildflowers.
  • Don’t Litter. Remember: pack in and pack out. Respect the trail environment by properly disposing of items.
  • Keep Pets on Short Leashes. Protect your pet and others by keeping them on a leash. Remember to clean up after your pet.
  • No Horses on Paved Trail Except Where Permitted


Report Suspicious Activity – Call (317) 852-1100.

Call 911 in Case Of an Emergency

Report Unsafe Trail Conditions
Call Brownsburg Parks at (317) 858-4172