December 10, 2011

Urban Forestry Management Plan

This Urban Forestry Management Plan has been created for the Town of Brownsburg, Indiana to serve as a guidance document for the preservation of urban forest resources and as a baseline from which a Tree Preservation Ordinance can be developed. The Plan was constructed around a forest inventory conducted by Williams Creek Consulting in May and June 2011. Tree inventory data were analyzed using iTree Streets, a standardized, peer-reviewed data analysis platform which calculates a variety of benefits resulting from the presence of the urban forest. The data analysis indicated the presence of a generally healthy urban forest which provides many ecologically and economically valuable amenities to the Town of Brownsburg.

The Plan identifies common tree diseases, pests, and invasive threats that can adversely affect the health of this resource. A summary of maintenance recommendations such as thinning, crown raising, and sidewalk damage repair is also included. In addition, the plan provides an analysis of opportunities and constraints for expansion of the urban forest within Brownsburg. This opportunities and constraints analysis includes species recommendations for deciduous, coniferous, small, medium and large trees, as well as planting specifications.


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