Recreation Intern

The purpose of this internship is to expose students to the workings of municipal parks and recreation department.

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Intern Schedule

The Intern will work a flexible schedule for 40 hours per week, depending on availability

and school requirements. Recreation staff will work with the Intern to develop a work schedule that meets the Intern’s professional goals. The Intern will experience all aspects of working in parks and recreation by interacting with each of the four divisions that make up Brownsburg Parks: Administration, Operations and Development, Community Engagement, and Recreation Services.

This will enable the student to get a well-rounded experience in all facets of operation.

The Intern will experience public and internal meetings, public administration and how it relates

to parks and recreation, and different park systems and facilities. During this internship, the student is expected to attend at least one session of each activity listed below:

· Department Meeting

· Park Board Meeting

·  Staff Meeting

In addition to regular duties, the Intern will have a special project to plan and implement. This project must be presented to the Park Board at the end of the internship.


Possible Special Projects

Create and implement programming around the Recreation Outreach Trailer (special events, activities and pop-up programs).

Work with the Community Engagement Division, create a marketing plan for the Recreation Outreach Trailer.

Evaluate a Recreation Services Department “process” and make recommendations on improving that process in report form.

Draft policies and procedures manual for Department staff to reference.

Develop and implement a new program based on the community’s needs as identified in the 2019-2023 Strategic Master Plan.

Create and implement a community event action plan.

Identify and develop a new community partnership that strengthens services.

Intern Project

Learning Outcomes

After completing the internship, students will be familiar of parks and recreation, including:

Administrative Responsibilities

    Budget processes/management of fiscal resources
    Risk Management

Program and Special Event Planning

    Program Standards – Intern will assist in planning and implementation of programs and special events based on Brownsburg Parks program standards. Program Development ProcessCommittees and their functions
    Identify potential funding sourcesFee EvaluationSponsorships – Intern will be involved in seeking out sponsorships for events.Program Evaluation

Program Implementation

    Assist the Recreation staff in implementing programming, including: General Recreation, Adult Sports/Programs, Aquatics, Fitness & Wellness, Youth Sports/Programs, Nature/Outdoor Programs, B.A.S.E. and PEAK, Adventure Camp and Extended Breaks andSpecial Events.


    Assist in the development of brochures and other marketing materials.Place signage and flyers at key park locations to market events.Help document special events and programs through photography.
    Draft press releases


      • Intern will be involved in scheduling staff and facilities for events.
      • Scheduling
      • Recruiting volunteers
      • Staff supervision and evaluation

Equipment Management

Facility Management

      • Standard Operating Procedures – Intern will gain insight into the day-to-day operations of the Operations and Development Division by job shadowing Assistant Director for Operations and Development.

Professional Development

      • Intern will gain insight on the workings of National Recreation and Parks Association and Indiana Parks and Recreation Association and how Brownsburg Parks is involved with each organization. Résumé Building


      • Intern will assist in monitoring current partnerships and seeking out new partnership opportunities.


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