August 10, 2018

Town Council Approves Pre-Design for Multigenerational Community Center

August 10, 2018


The Brownsburg Town Council last night approved a request by Brownsburg Parks to provide funding for pre-design services for a multigenerational community center. The space could be used to house a swimming pool, fitness room, indoor track, multipurpose recreation areas and office space.

“Pre-design is the reasonable next step in the planning process,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Travis Tranbarger. “I commend the Park Board and Town Council for working together to create an opportunity to further engage the community to create a defined plan for an important asset to Brownsburg’s future growth and quality of life.”

“Having worked on this project for the past five years – and seeing all of the possibilities and how it can impact our quality of life as we continue to build a first-class community – I am glad that we are able to take the next step to get input and direction from our residents on the type of facility that they would like to see,” said Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz. “The project still has a lot of work left to do, but we are excited for the possibilities of taking this step forward as the Town Council and Park Board work together to create a workable solution.”

Funding to pay for pre-design services will come from a variety of sources. Brownsburg Parks will
pay $50,000, while the Town of Brownsburg will contribute $44,500.

The pre-design process will determine costs of construction and ongoing operations of the facility. The funding to build the center will come from multiple sources that will be identified, throughout the process. Last year, the Town Council and Park Board signed a letter of intent to enter into negotiations with IU Health West Hospital to serve as a capital partner on the project. Along with providing funding for the center, IU Health West Hospital would manage approximately 10,000 square feet of the facility to provide the community with services ranging from preventative health to rehabilitation.

“Great things happen when strong community partners come together,” said Art Vasquez, president of IU Health West Hospital. “We look forward to the opportunity to be part of what we believe will be an important new asset in Brownsburg’s efforts to be a healthier, more active community. We imagine a family coming to the center to visit one of our primary care physicians for their back-to-school physical and then popping in to the gym to walk or shoot hoops together—and maybe staying that evening for a free seminar with one of our experts. We imagine being able to cross-purpose exercise equipment for general workouts and for 1:1 sessions with a physical therapist as a Brownsburg resident recovers from an injury or surgery. The potential is pretty limitless. Community feedback will help us to continue to shape what this partnership looks like.”

Pre-design will provide residents with multiple opportunities to weigh in on the type of health and wellness facilities and programs they want to access at the center. “It is our goal to continue to involve community members throughout this process to ensure we create a gathering place in the center of Town that strengthens the quality of life within Brownsburg for many years to come,” said Tranbarger. Community members can keep track of progress on the creation of the multigenerational community center by following @brownsburgparks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or by visiting the Parks website at

For more information contact:
Mary Louise Bewley, Brownsburg Parks, 317-858-4172