February 18, 2022

Maintenance Management Plan

The Brownsburg Parks and Recreation Department (Brownsburg Parks) has seen a growth within its community over the last several years. Situated in Hendricks County, IN, the Town of Brownsburg serves approximately 27,031 residents which is an increase of nearly 5,500 people since 2010. To keep up with the growing population, Brownsburg Parks has undertaken several planning efforts to identify how to best continue meeting community need. As populations continue to increase, the demand for parks, programs, and recreational services also increases. Therefore, Brownsburg Parks identified an opportunity to develop a Maintenance Management Plan (MMP) to outline a path forward in terms of the system’s operations and maintenance.

Brownsburg Parks has successfully alleviated over two million dollars in deferred maintenance from the system. Now that the system is developing new amenities, it is the desire of the Park Board and staff to avoid accumulation of deferred maintenance and deteriorating facilities that negatively impact the quality of services provided. Putting that desire into a plan of action is the premise of developing the Maintenance Management Plan. A detailed approach to planned maintenance of the system will ultimately provide staff with a valuable tool to make sound decisions and inform the Town of day-to-day operational needs as the evolution continues. The goal of the Maintenance Management Plan is to support managing existing Town assets to the highest level of productivity, longevity, and efficiency. PROS Consulting worked with Brownsburg Parks staff throughout the process to make sure the Maintenance Management Plan addressed their desired outcomes.

This Maintenance Management Plan helps the department deliver on Brownsburg Parks’ mission and vision statements, as it relates to providing well maintained assets in a fiscally responsible manner.

View the Park Board Presentation (PDF)