Brownsburg Farmers Market Vendors

Welcome to the Brownsburg Farmers Market!

The Brownsburg Farmers Market is proud to support small businesses, local growers, producers, and artisans in Brownsburg and Central Indiana. We strive to create a unique marketplace with a wide variety of the locally-produced products available.

Thank you for choosing to join the Brownsburg Farmers Market. Weekly vendor applications must provide at least 14 days from the expected first attendance date.


Vendors must be in place, ready to sell, at least 10 minutes prior to the opening of the market. Selling will begin promptly at 4 p.m.

The vendor must be a grower, producer, or baker. No resale items will be permitted. This market is currently not accepting applications from direct sellers/resellers. We are a grower-producer market only.

All items sold by vendors at the market must be approved by the market master, who reserves the right to revoke approval of sale items if they do not meet the standards set forth in this document and/or in the approval documents. Please list ALL items you plan to sell in the market application. If you decide to add additional items later, please let the market master know.

Certain items may follow different health department requirements and need approval before they come to market. Examples of these include: certain types of eggs; sugar-free jams; canned foods; baked goods with dairy-based fillings and frostings; temperature-controlled foods; kombucha; fermented foods; vacuum-sealed foods; meat products; and foods prepared on site.


Selling Out

Vendors who sell out of their product prior to the end of the market must keep their booth in full set-up. Vendors may hang a sign indicating products are sold out; however, tear down is not allowed until the market has officially ended for the night.

Apply to be a Brownsburg Farmers Market Vendor

Vendor FAQs

What time do I need to be ready to sell?

Tent set up begins at 3 pm. Vendors should have completed inspection and be ready to sell by 4 pm.


Where do I park?

Parking is available along the front of Town Hall and on the north end of Town Hall Green. Please do not park along the south side of Town Hall Green, as that parking is for businesses on Main and Green streets.


Can I reserve the spot I was located in last year?

Brownsburg Parks will try to accommodate vendor reservation requests, but we reserve the right to make changes to tent locations.


Will I be able to offer samples of my products?

For the safety of customers and vendors, no.


What products may I sell?

Only Indiana-grown or produced agricultural products may be sold at the market along with handmade goods. No resale items are permitted.

Vendor Information

Required Permits/Licensing

Vendors must have all necessary licenses, permits and inspections prior to selling at the Brownsburg Farmers Market. Indiana State Department of Health and Hendricks County Department of Health certificates (if applicable) must be submitted prior to selling at the market.


All permits must be submitted by April 22 to be assigned a booth space. Please be prepared to provide them upon request during market season.


Per the Hendricks County Health Department, food establishments operating at farmers markets are required to meet minimum sanitation requirements and obtain permits as set forth in the Hendricks County Food Ordinance and the Indiana Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements 410 IAC 7 24. Hendricks County Health Department can provide you with documentation summarizing food safety or visit their website for information.


At any time during the market season should your booth be found not in compliance due to either a routine or unscheduled inspection performed by a member of the Hendricks County Health Department you will be held responsible and will not be able to return to market until the necessary concessions to the regulations are met.

Should you have questions or concerns about any health department regulations, you may contact Environmental Health Specialist Sharon Mayer at 317-745-9217 or


Certificate of Liability Insurance
A Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amounts of $1,000,000 dollar liability limit, $100,000 liability limit to rented premises, $2,000,000 aggregate limit per policy period must be provided to the Town declaring the Town as Additional Insured.

Please add the following as additional insured:
Town of Brownsburg, IN
61 North Green Street
Brownsburg, IN 46112
Vendor insurance is due by April 22 to be assigned a booth space.


Sample Insurance Forms>>

Are you in need of an insurance vendor?  Although the following insurance providers are not associated with the Town of Brownsburg, they have been used by many vendors in the past and offer affordable farmers market policies that meet our requirements.  It would be in your best interest to get multiple quotes from different providers.


Food Liability Insurance Program

ACT Insurance (Artists, Craftsman, Tradesman)

Event Helper

Nationwide Specialty Liability Vendor Insurance


Indiana Sales Tax
It is a vendor’s responsibility to know Indiana tax law and pay their taxes accordingly. For more information please visit


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program:

We are a SNAP Market, meaning Brownsburg Farmers Market accepts SNAP EBT payments from customers for eligible goods. The Town will process card transactions and give customers vouchers to use at vendor booths for eligible goods. Vendors will have transactions for both SNAP and Fresh Bucks.  Please use the following resources to understand how to handle these transactions at your booth.


SNAP Vendor Guide

SNAP Approved Foods List


Accepting SNAP Vouchers at the Booth

Brownsburg Farmers Market is SNAP certified. Vendors may not refuse service to any SNAP customer who intends to purchase foods as long as the customer wants to purchase eligible products. The Town is able to transfer SNAP benefits from the shopper’s account in exchange for “Brownsburg Farmers Market Checks,” vouchers which are valued at $1 and $5 each. These vouchers can be spent with farmers and prepared food vendors on allowable foods. Market vendors will prepare a reimbursement claim to pay each vendor for the goods purchased upon completion of the market week.


Checks are processed through the claims process with the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. All vendors will need to ensure the vouchers are filled out prior to returning to the market hub at market closing time. Vendors who are SNAP eligible will be required to submit a W-2 to the Clerk-Treasurer in order to receive a reimbursement check.


WIC – Accepting WIC Vouchers at the Booth
The Brownsburg Farmers Market is a designated WIC Farmers Market, which will allow WIC program recipients to use their vouchers for fresh produce. These vouchers can only be used with vendors who are WIC certified. If you are not currently certified to accept WIC vouchers and would like more information visit WIC vouchers work the same as checks. Contact the market master for further redemption information.


Information for WIC Approved Vendors

Accepted Foods Reference Chart

Booth Space and Equipment

Booth space is assigned. Spaces will be assigned based on factors such as seniority, regular attendance, customer demand, and promptness of arrival. No guarantees can be made for vendors who arrive late; you may have to accept an alternative available space at the market master’s discretion.

Vendor spaces may be adjusted based on the number of vendors to fill in any gaps in the layout. A weekly vendor update is sent out by email 24-48 hours prior to market with a booth map and other pertinent updates. If substantial changes happen with vendor cancellations after the map has been set, the market master may call or ask vendors in person when they arrive to market to take a different booth space.

Each vendor is responsible for their own tents, tables, displays, change, bags, etc. All equipment must fit within the vendor’s space. Vendors will be required to adjust their setup if it is determined to be unsafe. At no time can anything (signs, stakes, poles, etc.) be put into the ground; tents must be secured with weights/concrete blocks. All vendors who wish to erect tents or umbrellas on the Farmers Market site during a normal period of market operations, including the set-up and break-down period, are required to have their tents sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground with weights from the time their tent is put up to the time it is taken down. That means clearly and firmly attached to the weight AND clearly and firmly attached through the tent frame. Each tent leg must have no less than 25 lbs anchoring each leg. If the weights are too light for the wind conditions and the vendor tent cannot be safely secured, the market master will ask you to take down your tent for safety reasons. The Town of Brownsburg and Brownsburg Farmers Market WILL NOT provide additional tent weights to vendors. Please weight your tent first, prior to placing your goods, as most tent flyaways happen during setup.

At no time may there be more than one vendor assigned to a vendor space operating under one application, fee or insurance policy. Should you choose to share a booth, all vendors must submit individual applications, certificate of additional insured and appropriate fees.

If selling goods by weight, the vendor must supply a legal produce scale. The vendor is solely responsible for damages or personal injury resulting from the use thereof. Prior approval is required for any heat-producing devices.

Vendors who bring children with them to market are responsible for keeping the children supervised in their booth space. No skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, bikes, etc. during the farmers market.

Weekly/Seasonal Vendors

Weekly vendors- All weekly vendors must communicate to the market master the days they will be coming to market in advance so their space can be reserved. Call, text or email the market master no later than three days before a market day so you can be added to the website, vendor list, and map for that market week. If you have a last minute decision about attending the market, please call the market master to have a space assigned.


Seasonal vendors- seasonal vendors are given priority for assigned booth space. We fill empty seasonal spaces with weekly vendors if we know you cannot be in attendance on a market date, so please let us know if you cannot attend. Seasonal vendors who fail to communicate their absence more than twice may have their regular space revoked and will be moved to a weekly space.


– The market has a great following of loyal customers who want to visit their favorite vendors. To avoid confusion and disappointment, we ask that seasonal vendors who will not be able to attend a market day to contact the market master as soon as they are aware. We share updates on social media when customers have inquiries.


Contact the Market Master at