Esports League

Brownsburg Parks is digitally connecting the community with online video game leagues!

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About the Esports League

Each league will have 4 games, with 2 games as casual play with no fee and 2 competitive games to compete for prizes. Prices vary per game.


eSports League 2 runs May 17-July 19

eSports League 3 runs July 19-September 20

eSports League 4 runs September 20-November 22

eSports League 5 runs November 22-January 24



We will be playing games that are rated E(everyone), E10+(Everyone 10+), T(13-17), and M(17+), all games that have specific age requirements and ratings will be designed to only allow players of that age to participate.



How To Get Started

Download the app through the link below.

Sign up or sign in.

Locate “Brownsburg Parks” under “Find an Organization” and join.

Select the game you want to play.