November 27, 2018

Could a Park Foundation Help Brownsburg Parks?

Throughout the past year, with guidance from the Park Board, Parks staff have researched the benefits of creating a park foundation. We’ve attended conferences and spoken to other park departments and foundations locally and across the nation to learn how a park foundation can help strengthen our parks and our town.


How would a park foundation help Brownsburg Parks? Fundraising is an important way that Brownsburg Parks generates revenue to support services ranging from programming to park amenities. A park foundation would open up more opportunities and apply more focus on raising money to support the conservation and improvement of quality parks and recreation services within the community.


A parks foundation is a non-profit organization separate from Brownsburg Parks. It would be able to accept tax-deductible donations of money or property. It would have its own Board of Directors that would determine the projects it would support. While it is a separate organization, parks foundations are most successful when they work alongside the Park Board, which oversees Brownsburg Parks, to ensure its fundraising work is guided by the needs of the Parks Department and overall community.


On Dec. 12, the Park Board will consider a recommendation to hire a consultant to help the Board and parks staff manage the creation of the foundation. The public is invited to attend the meeting, which starts at 6:30 in the Town Hall Council Room, to learn more.