June 26, 2018

Construction of Cardinal Park is Underway

As the Director of Parks and Recreation, it is important to me that community members know they have a direct line to their Parks Department to have their questions answered. That’s part of the reason for launching this blog. Another reasons is to offer another resource — beyond our website, e-newsletter and social media channels — for the community to learn about the latest park projects, timelines, activities and programs.

For my first blog topic, I’ve selected an update on something Brownsburg Parks is very excited about, the start of construction at Cardinal Park.

For many residents, this park (adjacent to Cardinal Elementary School on Hornaday Road) is currently recognizable thanks to the large mound of fill dirt we have collected over the past couple of years from nearby construction sites. By stockpiling this dirt, Brownsburg Park has saved taxpayers more than $350,000.

Some neighborhood residents may remember that a few years ago, Brownsburg Parks hosted a meeting with nearby property owners to get feedback on the design of the park. We used that feedback to create the concept shown here. One of the concerns we heard was a fear of cars speeding across Thornburgh Parkway on their way to Hornaday Road.  You’ll see our design takes into account this concern by creating a curved extension. This aesthetically pleasing traffic-calming measure will keep speeds low while the reducing wear-and-tear on vehicles that would occur if we installed speed bumps.

You’ll also note the concept includes the addition of Brownsburg’s first dog park, which will include separate areas for large and small dogs and an off-leash area. We expect to see a lot of our four-footed friends here!

In February, the Park Board approved a bid for Phase I of this project, which includes extending Thornburg Parkway to Hornaday Road, creating a parking lot, and installing a trail from the B&O Trail north to Airport Road.

Construction is due to begin on or after March 26, with completion in late August. Typical construction hours are 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

I hope you are as excited about this project as we are. Please feel free to forward any questions you may have about this project to us at parks@brownsburgparks.com. We’ll publish the answers to any questions received in our e-newsletter, The Hub, and in next month’s blog. To sign up for The Hub, click here.


Travis Tranbarger