Cardinal Bark Park

Cardinal Bark Park is your pet’s playground for unleashed fun! Located at 3432 Hornaday Road, just a few steps from the B&O Trail!

Cardinal Bark Park is a two-acre area of Cardinal Park devoted to man’s best friend. The Bark Park is separated into two areas, one for large dogs and one for dogs under 30 pounds.  Each area has plenty of room to run and play, benches and shade for dog owners, and a walking path that circles the play area. A wash station is available for rinsing off muddy paws (no shampoo products allowed).

The dog park is open from 5 AM – Dusk. Closed on Thursdays from 7 AM – 12 PM for maintenance. Brownsburg Parks reserves the right to close the bark park at any time, without notice, for maintenance purposes.


Become a Member!

How to Become a Member


To complete the application form and upload your pet’s vaccination documents, click the button below.



Become a Member

All members must be at least 18 years of age. All applications must be accompanied by current vaccination records for rabies, parvo, distemper and bordetella.

For security purposes, Brownsburg Parks will not accept vaccination records via email. Records must be uploaded to the application form, hand-carried to the office, or deposited into the white after-hours box located in front of the Parks office.

Membership passes consist of a collar tag for each dog and a key fob for the owner to use to enter the gates. One key fob per household. The collar tag must be visible on the dog while at the dog park. Lost tags are $5 to replace, key fobs are $8.

Membership Requirements

Incident Report

If you have an incident at Cardinal Bark Park, please fill out this form.


Incident Report Form

Please play by our rules...


Only dogs with up-to-date vaccinations may enter.

Dogs must be at least four (4) months old to enter.

Please leave females “in heat” at home.

Please keep dogs with an open wound or a viral or parasitic infection at home.

All dogs should wear their vaccination and membership tags.

Dogs should be on a leash as they enter and exit the park.



Please respect the size restrictions of our separated areas.

Dog owners are liable for injury or damage caused by their dog to other dogs, persons or park property.

Actively supervise your dog at all times. Stay nearby with a leash handy.

Dog owners must pick up after their dogs.

No smoking, food/dog treats or glass are allowed.

If your dog becomes aggressive, please leave the park.

Do not allow visitors without a pass to enter.

Children under 18 years old must be actively supervised by an adult.

No more than three (3) dogs per person allowed.

To ensure all dogs at the park are healthy, do not allow visitors without a pass to enter the park.

Children under 18 years old must be actively supervised by an adult.

Dogs should be on a leash as they enter and exit the park.

No more than three (3) dogs per person allowed.

Update Vaccination Records

To update your vaccination records, please drop them off at the office or follow the link below. Please note, for security reasons, Brownsburg Parks will not accept vaccinations via email.

Click here for Vaccination Updates

Become a Friend of Cardinal Bark Park!

Join other dog owners in helping to plan special events at the park and provide guidance to Brownsburg Parks staff on ways to make the dog park more enjoyable. Contact Mary Louise Bewley at to become a member. (Please type “Friends of Cardinal Bark Park” in the subject line of your email.)