August 20, 2019

Our Active Adults Are A Fitness Family!

Every year, I have the pleasure of addressing a very special group of community members: participants in our morning fitness classes.

More than 100 seniors – or as they prefer to be called, Active Adults – are enrolled in our yoga, weight training and walking programs. They range in age from 50 to 85. And trust me, they are hard to keep up with!

Guided by fitness instructor Judi Daniels, our Active Adults are more than a group that comes together for a workout. The members care about each other. They are a family. If you asked anyone why their programs are so special, they would immediately point to Judi, who organizes hiking trips and participates with a group of the women in making comfort pillows for local cancer patients at Hendricks Regional Hospital.

If you have ever considered trying one of our morning fitness programs, I encourage you to make the trip to Eaton Hall at Town Hall. Our Active Adults warmly welcome newcomers, as one recent visitor discovered. Ann had spent her days home alone after the death of her husband. As her health declined, Ann decided it was time to get off the couch and make good use of her time. She visited our administrative office and offered to volunteer. As a staff member spoke to her, it was clear Ann needed more than just a volunteer opportunity. She was invited to try a yoga class, which she did later that week. Today, Ann attends classes on a regular basis and has developed strong friendships with two members.


If you’re ready to improve your health, take the first step and visit one of our fitness classes. You’ll be glad you did! Here’s a link to sign up