October 31, 2019

Park Named for Couple Who Are Driving Force Behind B&O Trail

If you’ve ever enjoyed a walk or bike ride on the B&O Trail in Brownsburg, you owe a debt of thanks to Hall and Diana Virgil. For more than 20 years this dynamic duo has worked tirelessly to create the trail, which stretches from Raceway Road to CR 500 E.

The Virgils have spent countless hours writing state and federal grants to pay for construction of the trail. To date, through their work with the B&O Trail Association, $10 million has been raised. They have worked with contractors, local government officials and neighbors to bring their dream of converting an old railroad line into a trail to life.

In September, Park Board member Judy Kenninger offered a resolution to honor the Virgils’ efforts by naming a park after them. According to Kenninger, the Virgils have helped to improve the quality of life in our town by promoting pollution-free transportation and providing opportunities for citizens to enjoy nature.

The perfect parcel of land for such an honor is located just east of CR 300 N and CR 900 E, which is currently being developed into a trailhead. At its October 17 meeting, the Park Board unanimously adopted Kenninger’s resolution, naming the land Virgil Park. When it is completed, Virgil Park will include a parking lot, a connector path to the B&O Trail, a small playground and wetlands.

Having worked with the Virgils since joining Brownsburg Parks in 2010, I wholeheartedly agree that this honor is well-deserved. Virgil Park will offer trail users more parking in an attractive park setting. I expect it to be as well-used as the parking lot on Green Street, which is frequently full.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the B&O Trail yet, take time now while the leaves are taking on their fall colors. You’ll be glad you did!