May 22, 2019

Accountability Matters

Brownsburg Parks takes our job of being fiscally responsible to the residents of Brownsburg seriously. In an effort to keep taxpayers in the loop on how Brownsburg Parks uses – and saves – money, we’ve created the 2018 Annual Report.

This document highlights park projects we were able to complete or launch in 2018. Did you know the first phase of the new Cardinal Park was constructed using very little property taxes?

Our report also features a look at the number of people our programming touches annually.

Some of the highlights you’ll find within the report’s pages include:

  • How we successfully generated $1.3 million in non-tax revenue through user fees, grants and sponsorships that help expand our service offerings to the community. This allows us to offer several of our programs and events at little to no cost for participation.
  • How we continue to lead the community in the stewardship of Brownsburg’s natural resources.
  • How 50% of our operating expenditures are covered from non-tax revenue, which is nearly twice the national average of 27.3%.
  • How the majority of our maintenance time is put toward planned maintenance, which means preserving popular park features and minimizing the time play equipment is down due to repair.

Check out the numbers for yourself here.

Travis Tranbarger, Parks Director