What happens after the program?

Graduates of Leadership Brownsburg Academy can indicate their status on applications for boards and commissions. Graduates will also be included on volunteer communications. How graduates engage in individual community leadership is up to them, though community involvement and exercising leadership is a condition of participating in the program.

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1. What is the Leadership Brownsburg Academy program?
2. Who can participate in the program?
3. Do I have to be an established leader to participate in the program?
4. Why was Leadership Brownsburg Academy created?
5. How will participants be selected?
6. What is the cost of participation?
7. When and where are sessions held?
8. What information with the program cover?
9. How often is Leadership Brownsburg Academy offered?
10. What are the attendance requirements?
11. What happens if I am not selected?
12. I want more information. Who should I contact?
13. What happens after the program?