Lateral Entry Hiring Process


Lateral Process Only
  • All applicants MUST meet all pre-employment minimum requirements as well as currently possess ILEA Tier I certification, or qualify for ILEA waiver process as established by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (ILETB). In addition, applicants must be currently employed as a Tier I certified police officer and have had a minimum time of service in the above described position of at least (1) year to qualify for the lateral process.
  • Additional Information:    Contact Major Andrew Watts 317-858-6012


2023 Salary 
  • The Brownsburg Police Department recognizes the value of those applicants who have law enforcement experience. As such we provide a starting salary commensurate with an applicant’s law enforcement experience (we will recognize year(s) of service up to (4) years) by advancing the applicant into the 1st Class officer pay rate) and establish time in service matching experience (up to (4) years) with BPD. This calculation for service is based solely on full time, paid service and will not include partial or seasonal service as qualifying experience.
  • Probationary officer Rate: $60,723. (New officer no experience) Lateral Officer Rate: $63,276. (First year) Lateral Pay with longevity: $65,965 (Second year if meets 4 year experience) **This does not and shall not provide for the transfer of rank or provide rights to any seniority status.

Vacation/Holiday Time

  • Candidates immediately begin accumulating paid time off during the first annual year of hire at the rate of:
  • (8) Hours vacation time each month worked
  • (8) Hours of sick time each month worked
  • (39) Hours of Holiday time each quarter worked
  • As of January 1st of the following year, candidates will accrue leave benefits at the rate in accordance with policy 04.02.01 Leave Benefits of an End of Probation to 4 Year Officer:
  • (96) Hours vacation time as of January 1st (96) Hours of sick time as of January 1st (39) Hours of Holiday time each quarter worked                          *Vacation time increases per years of service brackets outlined in policy 04.02.01 Leave Benefits

Other Benefits Included

  • Family Health/Vision/Dental/Short Term Disb. cost to employee $1.00 per pay(Anthem)          Employee life insurance $50,000 coverage for $1.00 per pay                                        Free Health Clinic (employee and family) through Hendricks Regional Health                    1977 PERF/INPRS Retirement Pension                        Town/employee contributed HSA                                      Take Home Vehicle Program Specialty Pay/Overtime Opportunity Pay Shift Differential Pay            Generous Paid time off              Hoosier START/Deferred Comp (Optional)

Field Training Program

  • Lateral entry candidates may receive an accelerated FTO program. This is a performance based assessment and may not apply to all candidates. Upon successful completion of the FTO program an officer may be entitled to participate in Extra Duty/Off Duty details as well as participate in the take home car program.