Utility Rates

Sewer Rates

January 1, 2023 & Thereafter

Treatment rate per 1,000 gallon $6.28 plus Base Rate

Base Rate Per Meter SizeInside TownOutside Town
⅝ to ¾ inches$12.47$19.19
1 inch$28.53$45.15
1 ¼ inches$44.39$71.05
1 ½ inches$63.58$102.31
2 inches$108.37$175.18
3 inches$246.89$400.67
4 inches$428.09$695.28
6 inches$971.42$1,579.39
8 inches$1,728.11$2,809.37

Sewer Only Customer, No Water Services

ResidentialInside TownOutside Town

Stormwater Fee

Property TypeMonthly Fee
Residential Properties$5 per Equivalent Residential Units (ERU) (1)
Non-Residential Properties$5 per ERU: Based upon the amount of impervious surface within the property

Water Rates

If you use less than the minimum number of gallons for your meter size, you will receive a minimum bill. (see rate chart below). For use of and services rendered, the following rates will apply:

Consumption per MonthPer 1,000 Gallons
First 5,000$4.50
Next 10,000$4.15
Next 15,000$3.12
Over 30,000$2.51

If consumption would result in a lesser charge under water rates, each user shall pay a minimum charge.

Meter SizeMinimum GallonsPer Month
Inside Town Limits
Per Month
Outside Town Limits
⅝ inches2,000$8.99$12.55
¾ inches3,000$13.49$18.87
1 inch5,000$22.48$31.41
1 ¼ inches8,000$34.94$49.15
1 ½ inches10,000$43.24$61.00
2 inches16,000$67.11$95.53
3 inches30,000$110.74$164.07
4 inches50,000$160.88$249.74
6 inches100,000$286.23$463.96
8 inches160,000$436.65$721.06