Rider Request

Citizens at least 18 years of age may request to participate in a ride-along with a police officer. Participation is subject to the assumption of risk and application approval. The following guidelines apply:

  • Rider must obey all legal orders of the officer.
  • Rider must wear a seat belt at all times.
  • Rider must make a request to ride at least two business days prior to riding time.
  • Rider must present a neat, clean and businesslike appearance.
  • Rider shall not have consumed alcohol or drugs.
  • Rider must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Rider will not exceed four hours of ride time.
  • Rider will not participate in the ride-along program more than two times per calendar year unless authorized by the Shift Supervisor.
  • Rider will not ride along with the same officer more than one time in a calendar year unless authorized by the Shift Supervisor.
  • Civilian (non-sworn) riders will not carry a firearm or any other weapon during the ride-along.
  • Rider will not be allowed to exit the police vehicle at any time to assist the officer on a call with the exception of "officer down" situations.
  • Rider understands that at any time during the shift, permission to ride may be terminated without reason.
  • Rider understands that requests to ride may be denied for any reason.
  • Rider will not interact with, give directions to, state opinions too, or give advice to members of the public.

Approved or Denied

Why haven't I gotten a call from the Police Department saying that my request for a ride-a-long has been approved or denied? We try to process these requests in the order they are received which could be anywhere between 7 to 14 days. If you have any questions about the status of your request please contact 317-858-6005.