Snow Removal

The Street Department works to keep roads safe and passable during ice and snow events. The Town's snow removal policy states that trucks begin plowing after 2 inches of snow has accumulated.

Preparing for a Snow Event

The Street Department uses local and national weather forecasts to determine when to begin pre-treatment of town roads. When the forecast calls for snow, crews will begin anti-icing treatments on primary streets.

However, this cannot be done when rain is at the leading edge of a snow event. Rain dilutes the solution making it less effective.

Snow Removal Priorities

Streets are divided into four basic categories: primary arterials, collectors, local, and courts.

  • The primary arterials are Green Street, maintained by the Town of Brownsburg, and U.S. 136, which is plowed and/or salted by INDOT.
  • Collector streets that provide access to work or school are the second priority for plowing and/or salting after the highway.
  • Local streets - or neighborhood through streets - are plowed and/or salted after the collector streets are cleared.
  • Courts and alleys are the last to be plowed and are typically some of the most difficult, given their size and obstructions.

The Street Department works to clear an entire street before moving on to the next. Depositing some snow in private driveways is unavoidable for the plow trucks when plowing town streets. Plow drivers make every effort to keep the amount of snow deposited into driveways to a minimum. 

Parks & Trails Snow Removal

Priority roadways are addressed around Brownsburg first. Once local streets are cleared, crews will then turn their attention toward park facilities, including roads, parking, walkways, and trails. 

We appreciate your patience as it may take a few days to clear trails and walkways.

Please note, no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. If you notice a vehicle that is not marked "Town of Brownsburg" or "Brownsburg Parks" on the trail, please call (317) 852-1100. 


It can take a lot of time and effort to clear the pavement areas on the streets of the Town of Brownsburg. The patience of our residents is an added value to the process of quickly clearing streets and neighborhoods. Removing cars from the road during a snow event is also extremely helpful.

  • Please wait to call the Street Department until at least 24 hours after the storm regarding missed streets.