Street Department

Street Department Crew Removing Limbs

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining 250 miles of streets and roads, signs, storm sewers, and right-of-ways. In addition, staff performs street sweeping, snow removal, limb and leaf collection, street paving and repairs, and mosquito control. The department also oversees engineering for new streets and road construction projects.

Streetlight Issues

The Town of Brownsburg maintains the streetlights on Northfield Drive, the new development on Green Street, and the Ronald Reagan Parkway. All other streetlight repairs are the responsibility of the utility agency that owns the structures.

To resolve streetlights issues quickly, report outages, damage or other problems directly to Hendricks Power at (317) 745-5473, or Duke Energy at (800) 521-2232. You can also submit report on Duke Energy's website.

Traffic Signals and Signs

The Town of Brownsburg has nearly 30 traffic signals. 17 traffic signals are maintained by the Town of Brownsburg and the rest are managed by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).

 To report a traffic signal malfunction, call (317) 852-1113.

Street Signs

There are hundreds of street name signs in Brownsburg in addition to traffic control signs. These signs increase safety and convenience for people who drive, walk or bike in Brownsburg.

Report a missing street sign by using our online contact form.

Drainage Problems

Residents can report drainage problems through our online form.

Each report will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine possible causes and remedies to each situation. The Town of Brownsburg is not liable for damage to private property caused by flooding. The Town will make every effort to provide assistance, where possible, to correct reported drainage problems, subject to available funds; project priority; weather delays and staffing requirements. In some cases, the Town may require an access easement or right-of-way dedication to correct drainage problems.