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Professional Standards Notification

The Brownsburg Fire Territory provides fire and emergency service to our community.  The Territory has trained its personnel to provide consistent and professional service.  As a member of our community, you can assist the Territory in ensuring that this level of service maintains that high level of expectation.  We encourage your participation.  We want you to give us information when you observe actions by the Fire Territory or individual employees that you believe needs to be brought to our attention. This can be actions that you find to be deserving of commendation, or those that you believe are not at an acceptable level of professional service.

You may report your observations in person, by letter, by email or by telephone.  


Brownsburg Fire Territory

470 E Northfield Drive

Brownsburg, IN 46112





317-852-1190 (select #1)

The Brownsburg Fire Territory accepts anonymous information, but we would prefer that you provide us with your identity.  Anonymous reports can only be investigated to the extent which the information allows, which may not be satisfactory to you or the Territory.

If you submit your report in person or by telephone, you should expect that your initial contact will be with a supervisor of the Fire Territory.  The supervisor will prepare a Public Service Report form and conduct a preliminary investigation.  This is to ensure that all relevant and available information is gathered when it is still fresh.  Your cooperation is very important, particularly in identifying witnesses and allowing us to accumulate evidence, including photographs and medical treatment records, if necessary.

Regardless of how you submit your report, a member of the Fire Territory will be assigned to investigate your report.  You should expect to hear from that person within a couple days after you first contact us. The investigator will attempt to arrange for a convenient time and location to conduct a formal interview with you.  This interview will, as all of our interviews, be tape recorded.

An essential part of this investigation is the direct contact with the involved Fire Territory employees.  In the case of a commendation, your report will become part of his/her personnel file.  In other cases, they will be interviewed in a similar fashion to your interview.  These employees will be instructed not to contact you unless it is in response to a service need.

We strive to complete all of these Public Service Report investigations within 30 days.  Normally the review process takes a few more days.  You will be notified of the outcome of the investigation.

Citizens, such as you, are valuable eyes and ears for our community and its fire department.  We respect your input, both good and bad.  Whenever you see firefighter actions which you believe we should be aware of, please report those to us.


Larry Alcorn

Fire Chief

Brownsburg Fire Territory