Vigilantly serving one’s community 24/7/365 demands focus, discipline, compassion, and a fierce commitment.  Join our team for the opportunity to work alongside motivated and aggressive firefighters and paramedics at a department that houses progressive EMS operations, well rounded fire training, and comprehensive health and wellness initiatives. 

Are you ready for the challenge to serve and protect? JOIN THE TEAM!


Civilian Paramedic

  • Starting Pay $59,769.11 plus Longevity Pay starting year 5.
  • Holiday Pay for those on shift.
  • $1/Pay Employee Health Insurance
  • Employer HSA contribution (up to $2,000 for families)
  • No cost access to wellness clinics (insured employees)
  • Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance
  • 24/48 work schedule with ½ Kelly Day system

Location: Brownsburg, IN, 46112, United States

Employee Type: Non-Exempt

Job Category: Fire Department

Required Degree: High school

Manage Others: No

Contact Information

Name: Brownsburg Fire Territory Hiring





Perform a wide variety of EMS operations and public education while representing the Brownsburg Fire Territory, through the display of professionalism, courtesy, and appropriate tact and discretion in all interactions with other employees and with the public. 


Essential Duties:

-  Participate in all required department training, meetings, and activities.

- Comply with all department rules, regulations, policies, and SOGs.

- Communicate with members of the public and department personnel.

- Complete all required daily written and/or electronic records and communication. 

- Ensure proper operational status of all apparatus, equipment and PPE before, during and after an incident.

- Respond to emergency/non-emergency incidents. 

- Operate department apparatus, appliances and equipment. 

- Provide basic and advanced lice support to patients per certification level following established policies, protocols and guidelines as authorized by the medical director and the Brownsburg Fire Territory.

- Perform other duties as assigned.


I understand I must participate in and pass all pre-employment phases, including, but not limited to:

- Written Test (TBA).

- Skill Evaluation (TBA).

- Oral Interview (TBA). This will include a mega code assessment with the Medical Director. Formal Applications will be given if a conditional offer of employment is made. 

- A Background Investigation (to be paid for by the applicant).

- A Medical and Psychological Examination, including a drug and alcohol screen.

- Work Performance Evaluation.

- I understand arriving late to any scheduled event means I will be immediately eliminated from the entire process. 

- I understand that a valid driver's license must be presented at each phase of the process. 

- By submitting this form, I certify the information contained on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I realize my misrepresentation of the facts or m failure to update any information contained on this form may be cause for rejection of this preliminary application. 

- By submitting this firm, I affirm that I wish to be considered for employment as a Civilian Paramedic with the Brownsburg Fire Territory and that I meet the basic minimum qualifications listed.

- I agree to submit any changes of name, address, or telephone number in writing the the hiring coordinator. No phone calls please.



- High School Diploma or equivalent. 

- Valid Indiana Driver's License maintained throughout employment. 

- Paramedic Certification to the State of Indiana maintained throughout employment. 

- Valid affiliation with the Brownsburg Fire Territory sponsoring hospital maintained throughout employment.

- No prior felony convictions.

- Must have IDHS Technical Rescue Awareness Certification.

- Must have IDHS Hazardous Materials Awareness Certification.

- Must have NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800 Certification.


- Knowledge of accepted practices, policies, and procedures established within the limits of training, certification, licensure, and job description.

- Knowledge of verbal and written orders, local, state, and federal regulations within the limits of training, certification, licensure and job description.

- Knowledge of basic and advanced life support and basic and advanced life support skills. 

- Knowledge and use of universal precautions and any other precautions required for all patients. 

- Knowledge of the role of EMT/Paramedic in the health care community and within the organization. 

- Knowledge of information, principles, processes and techniques needed to assess and treat human injuries and illnesses within the scope and limitations of certifications, licensure and job description.

- Knowledge of Fire Department rules and regulations, and SOPs.

- Knowledge of structure and function of department and local and county governments, and other emergency service organizations, local, state and federal laws affecting employment practices.

- Knowledge of public education programs. 

- Knowledge of EMS pre-plan procedures. 

- Knowledge of communication systems and procedures. 

- Knowledge of department software applications. 

- Knowledge of emergency vehicle operations. 

- Knowledge of response area. 

- Knowledge of all applicable federal, state, and local laws governing the operation of emergency vehicles.

- Knowledge of save use, care, and maintenance of all EMS equipment.

- Knowledge of current Hendricks Regional Health EMS protocols. 

- Knowledgeable at the appropriate level in various aspects of special operations. 

- Knowledgeable at the awareness level of haz-mat operations.


Skill Requirements:

- Competently perform basic and advanced life support care within the scope and limitations of training, certification, and licensure and job description.

- Comprehension skills sufficient to receive, process, and appropriately respond to information presented in writing, verbally, or visually. 

- Physical skills sufficient for safe use and efficient maneuvering of patients, and utilization of EMS equipment and tools, with or without PPE.

- Reading skills sufficient to read and comprehend printed information that would preclude the use of an interpreter, scanner, or other non-reading device. 

- Mathematical skills sufficient to apply calculations and formulas in the assessment and treatment of human injuries and illnesses within the scope and limitations of training, certification, and licensure and job description. 

- Writing/typing skills sufficient to effectively complete all required department communications and reports. 

- Verbal skills sufficient to clearly and accurately communicate oral information. 

- Grammar skills sufficient to clearly and accurately communicate written/typed information. 

- Appropriate use of industry specific terminology in all communications. 

- Skills sufficient to drive and operate emergency apparatus. 

- Proficient skills in all forms of communication in the English language.


Abilities/Personal Characteristics:

- Ability to meet clinical and performance objectives adopted by or stablished by the Brownsburg Fire Territory.

- Ability to remain calm and bring order to stressful situations, exercise judgements in unique and ever-changing environments, make quick, appropriate and rational decisions, and perform complex tasks within the scope and limitations of training, certification and licensure, and job description. 

- Ability to receive, comprehend and appropriately respond to information presented in writing, verbally or visually. 

- Ability to develop and nurture mental trust, respect and cooperation among team members and other personnel involved with the care of family, friends, bystanders, nursing home staff, medical personnel, public safety personnel, and the general public. 

- Ability to express compassion for patients and empathy for their family and friends. 

- Ability to recognize and appropriately respond to the needs and desires of family and friends. 

- Ability to make rapid decisions and perform tasks in changing and stressful conditions. 

- Ability to follow orders, operate under guidance, and work in coordination with other members of a team to accomplish complex and dangerous tasks. 

- Ability to carry out delegated tasks without continuous supervision. 

- Ability to carry out delegated responsibilities without continuous supervision. 

- Ability to objectively evaluate co-workers in accordance with department guidelines. 

- Ability to function in a communal setting. 

- Ability to communicate in a clear, calm, respectful manner.

- Ability to distinguish coordinates, utilize maps, and accurately distinguish addresses and street signs.


Physical Responsibilities:

- Visual acuity adequate to meet industry standards.

- Hearing acuity adequate to meet industry standards. 

- Move across rough terrain and over/around obstacles for extended distances with or without PPE.

- Remain stable in precarious positions for extended periods of time with or without PPE.

- Stand, walk, climb, stoop, bend, twist, squat, crawl with or without PPE.

- Reach above shoulders with or without PPE.

- Reach below waist with or without PPE.

- Push, pull and lift heavy individuals, objects, tools and equipment, etc., while with or without PPE.


Working Conditions:

- Operate on a 24-hour shift schedule with occasional required overtime for training, meetings, or staffing needs. 

- Operate in extreme weather conditions including but not limited to heat, humidity, cold, wind, rain, snow, sleet, ice, lightning.

- Operate in environments of loud noise, poor visibility, limited mobility, above ground heights, and in closed or non IDLH confined spaces. 

- Operate in states of mental and physical fatigue from extended periods of work and/or deprived sleep. 

- Operate in and around hazardous conditions such as but not limited to smoke, electrical hazards, unstable structures, traffic hazards, chemical, biological, and radiological hazards. 

Supervisory Responsibilities:

- Under normal conditions, the Paramedic will have only those duties assigned by his/her station/company officer. While on scene, the paramedic assumes total responsibility for patient care.



- This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees assigned to this job title. 

- This job description is not intended to be construed as the exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills and behaviors of employees in this job. 

- This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. 

- The Brownsburg Fire Territory has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice. 

- This job description is intended to describe the essential functions of this position that a qualified individual must be able to perform, either with or without reasonable accommodation. 

- Refer to the employee handbook for further requirements of job descriptions. 

- Any active applications for reciprocity will not count toward required licenses or certifications.




The Town of Brownsburg recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law. 




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