Industry Targets

It is the goal of the Town of Brownsburg to grow and attract high value-added, community-minded base/primary businesses. Key industry sectors in the Town have grown and are projected to continue growing over the next five years. These industries employ a significant number of the Town's workforce and act as key contributors to Brownsburg's expanding economy.

The local workforce in Brownsburg and Hendricks County, Indiana is currently specialized in five unique sectors and is currently targeting the following industries to complement and diversify our economy:

Healthcare Building


The key market in Healthcare represents a newer venture for the Town of Brownsburg and a departure from traditional markets.

Hotel Building

Hotel Accommodations

As a key market, Hotel Accommodations are a prospective growth sector. Given Brownsburg's location and proximity to Indianapolis, the Town captures a share of regional and recreational visitors, particularly during events and peak demand.

Aerial of Brownsburg


As a key market, Logistics has a strong basis for growth rooted in the existing and new features of an excellent transportation network.  

Motorsports Complex


Motorsports is the Brownsburg area's strongest local attraction with two of the country's major motorsports tracks located within a ten-mile radius of the Town. Both Lucas Oil Raceway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway play a significant role in Brownsburg's economy. Events held at each raceway generate thousands of visitors every year producing significant economic impact.  

Retail Complex

Retail Trade

The Retail Trade sector in Brownsburg is the largest employment sector in the Town, with projections for the industry to continue to build and grow substantially. This target sector includes both store (brick-and-mortar) or non-store (portable, delivery, or advertising) retailers.